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About Xa Kako Dile:

Xa Kako Dile: is an Indigenous women-led and directed non-profit organization on ancestral Pomo land in Northern California. Our focus is on uplifting and empowering Indigenous communities through farming using traditional ecological knowledge (TEK); offering healing retreats for Indigenous women to conserve cultural traditions and language; providing education for the community on food sovereignty, herbal medicine, acorn and seaweed harvesting and other TEK practices; and providing gathering spaces for trainings, ceremonies and a living laboratory to support local tribes.

Our Mission

To respect and steward traditional ecological knowledge, healing Indigenous ancestral lands, building resilience in our communities with culture, food, medicine and education.

In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next

seven generations.

- Iroquois Maxim (circa 1700-1800)

More About Us

Xa Kako Dile: sits on six acres of the original inhabitants of Northern Pomo peoples’ territory, what is now known as Caspar in Mendocino County, California. Caspar is located within the Jughandle State Natural Reserve and next to one of the largest redwood demonstration forests, Jackson Demonstration State Forest. We currently have an extensive infrastructure including a 60 ft greenhouse, a 2000 square foot finished barn, water, and access to compost generated on the property. Our proposal is to support Indigenous people’s self-determination that promotes sustainable food systems, creating Indigenous community resilience by building women’s power and solidarity, dismantling structures that perpetuate the status quo and colonized forms of patriarchy, and addressing imbalanced gender and power dynamics. We will support local Indigeous peoples and tribes.

Meet our Team

U'ilani Wesley

Executive Director

Farm Manager

A Kanaka Oiwi (Native Hawaiian) originally from Honolulu, Hawaii.

U’i moved to Northern Pomo land in Northern California with her 3 daughters and life partner in 2008.  She is an educator, activist, singer, speaker and mentor.  U’i  worked as an ECE educator for the Fort Bragg school district while immersing herself and her Ohana in the community, volunteering endless hours to coordinate and lead many community fundraisers and events.

As a Native Hawaiian it is not only important for U’i to share her Hawaiian culture but also to welcome learning about the Indigenous people of the land that she lives on. After living on the Northern Pomo land here Caspar, California for 15 years and learning and listening to the land and its people, it was now time to become part of healing change. 

U’i helped create Xa Kako Dile:, the first Indigenous and woman-led non-profit here in Northern California to create a nourishing place where the original stewards of this land can heal, gather, share and be nourished.  Positive change starts with ourselves,  Imua Kakou (moving forward together).

Bernadette Antoinette Smith

Board Member - Chairperson

Cultural Revitalizer of Chichkale - Acorn

Bernadette Antoinette Smith is a Coastal Pomo from the
Manchester/Point Arena Band, whose Grandmother comes the
Kashia Pomo. She has dedicated her life to the restoration and
revitalization of the Chichkale, the Kashia word for the Tan
Oak. She supports youth to stay connected to the land, sacred
sites and to celebrate the acorn. She uses contemporary dance
and music to breath new life into their beautiful pomo
language and tell the stories of the Acorn from the beginning
to the destruction that we see today. As an environmental
justice activist she protects against the use of harmful
herbicides in the forest of the beautiful Mendocino Coast.

Erin Walkenshaw

Board Member

For over two decades Erin was fortunate to work with a number of nonprofit and for-profit organizations and farms whose common thread is building healthy social and ecological systems through agriculture. Currently she is currently focused on the work of raising a child, starting a small family business and reinvigorating a community gathering space in rural Caspar, CA.

Kainoa Kuhns

Board Member - Treasurer

Kainoa is a Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) who has been living on the Mendocino coast since 2010.  She manages rental properties, teaches Yoga at CV Starr Community Center and Fortunate Farms and is the Treasurer on the Dana Gray Parents Club Board.  She is grateful to live in this community and wants to give back, especially to the ancestral inhabitants. Kainoa was the first in her family to put herself through college and has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Computer Information Systems; and is constantly learning.  

She has twenty five years experience in the Bay Area Tech industry as a Financial Systems Director, Project Manager, Business Systems Analyst, Financial/Procurement/ Distribution Applications Implementation Consultant, Contracts Writer/Manager, Technical Writer, Accounts Receivable, Order Management.   

She also has a background in the hospitality industry as a Tour Guide and Hula dancer. 

Kainoa taught Hula classes on the Mendocino coast and believes in rebuilding the indigenous community, culture and land. 

IMUA KAKOU (forward together)  

MaDonna (Feather) Cruz

Board Member - Co-Chairperson

MaDonna, named after her aunt MaDonna Thunder Hawk, was Born in Ukiah California.  MaDonna is an enrolled member of the Round Valley Indian reservation, in Covelo, CA, And on her father’s side Lakota Sioux. MaDonna is currently serving as President of the Indian education committee With Santa Rosa city school District, Director for KBBF radio, BOD to Ya-Ka- AMA Indian Education and Development, Inc., and Community advisory member to the Auntie’s and Uncle’s project Eagle Council with Sonoma County Indian Health Project. 

Otaka RedHawk

Board Member

A descendant from the Round Valley Indian Tribes,
Yuki and Wylacki. Otaka has an immense amount of experience in food
sovereignty, learning and teachings about existing herbal medicines.

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 4.48.56 PM.png
Vicki Wellspring

Board Member - Secretary

Vicki Wellspring (she/her/they/them) is a mom, artist, community herbalist, library assistant, advocate and CA-State certified domestic violence and sexual assault peer counselor. Vicki believes art is a way for humans to experience the divine, plants share ancestral knowledge with us, children are our teachers, and collective liberation is the only way out. Vicki is honored to be a part of Xa Kako Dile:. 

Edwina Lincoln

Tribal Elder/Cultural Advisor/Activist/Advocate

Edwina is an enrolled member of the Round Valley Indian reservation in Covelo, CA. 

Edwina, has been a lifelong fighter for Native American rights, The longest walk, fighting for the environmental right for our people her entire life, most recently the Jackson forest POMO LAND BACK movement.

Priscilla Hunter

Tribal Elder/Cultural Advisor

Priscilla is a member of the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians. She represents her Tribe as a board member of the Sinkyone Council, where she serves as Chairwoman.

Willow Mo Chico.jpg
Monique Sonoquie 

Program Director

Cultural Practitioner, Presenter and Trainer. Traditional Basket weaver. Romiromi Practitioner (Maori Trained).  Board member of Indigenous Youth Foundation and Native Women’s Health and Wellness Alliance. Promotes and provides Traditional Foods & Medicines, Organic/Gluten/dairy and Waste Free events.

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